Music Licensing

If you are a YouTuber or make your own podcasts, be sure to license the music you use, even if it is just background music or 5 seconds in the intro. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are over 100 Sonic Wave tracks including various versions for which you can buy a license for mine Artist page on Pond5, where you can also read full descriptions for each issue.

Sonic Wave’s music is meant as background music for documentaries, timelapse, drone films, cooking videos, presentation videos, reality shows, podcasts and more. 

I like to make customer specific versions of a piece of music. Contact me here.


A jingle is a short, easily recognizable piece of music designed to be presented with a product / message.

A jingle can include a text piece as well as the sender’s and product’s name. A jingle is used in a company’s marketing, and can be part of an overall sound branding strategy.

Jingles can also be used in connection with shows, radio and television programs, etc. to mark special events in the show / program.

Sound logo

An audio logo is a short special tune or other audio sequence that is often heard at the beginning or end of an advertisement.

Companies use an audio logo in their marketing, and an audio logo can thus be considered on a par with a visual logo.

Often, the combination of both types of logos is used to enhance brand recognition.

An audio logo often becomes an important part of a company’s audio identity and enhances the recognizability of the company or product.

The audio logo enhances consumer memory and learning for the specific business or product. A tune is the sequence of sound you remember best, as the human brain automatically expects an ending when a tune starts.

For an audio logo to have the best effect, it must be unique, flexible and easy to remember.

Background Music

Background music or background music refers to a state of musical performance in which the music is not intended to be a primary focus of potential listeners, but its content, character and volume level are subject to the visual or a speak.

This kind of music is used for a lot of different things, such as commercials, documentaries, series, movies, podcasts, phone waiting music or guided meditations.

Sonic Wave delivers background music in various formats (60 seconds, 30 seconds and 15 seconds) to suit TV commercials, radio commercials or web commercials.

Background music can also be delivered as a longer piece of music or as a “loop” of 1-2 minutes, ie a piece of music that can be repeated indefinitely preferably without the listener noticing it being repeated.

Music for games

Music and sound effects for computer games really mean a lot to how the game is experienced. The interactive music is flexible. It is a process involving both DAW and middleware ala Wwise and Fmod. 


If you only need to use the composition itself and are responsible for the production or performance, Sonic Wave will do it too. In this case, the item is delivered as a note print or as an audio file.



The price is set in each case after a discussion with the buyer about which music to produce. How long it should last and how many instruments to join.