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Sonic Wave provides music for commercials, movies, games, the web and TV

All Sonic Wave tracks are composed and produced by Lars Jørgensen.

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Best tracks from Sonic Wave



"A jingle is a short, easily recognizable piece of music designed to be presented with a product / message. A jingle is used in a company's marketing, and can be part of an overall sound branding strategy."

sound logo

"For an audio logo to have the best effect, it must be unique, flexible and easy to remember."

Underscore Music

"Sonic Wave delivers background music in various formats (60 seconds, 30 seconds and 15 seconds) to suit TV commercials, radio commercials or web commercials. Background music can also be provided as a longer piece of music or as a 1-2 minute "loop" for movies, podcasts and games."


"I compose music in most genres. Describe what the music should be used for and I'll make something that fits. You may also have a text to add original music to."

Music production for your videos!

Get original background music for your movies online. It can be anything from presentation videos and nature documentaries to satire and action.